Hartshorne Woods Park – Buttermilk Valley Entrance – $1,300     
Funding has been approved provide a bicycle repair station and pump.


Historic Longstreet Farm – $500       
Funding to assist in purchasing historical fabric, hats, costume jewelry & accessories

MCPS Employee Education & Training – $8,500     
Funding to assist MCPS employees advance their education & training

Hospitality and Open Houses - $2,000      
The Friends provide refreshments at various MCPS events such as Open Houses and annual celebrations   

Public Awareness - $800     
This is a creative way to make increase public awareness of MCPS parks, recreation areas and historic sites in fun ways “euro stickers” a/k/a oval decal featuring the park logos.

RAP Bus Transportation – $5,300     
Provide opportunities for children from underserved communities to visit various parks or participate in educational programs year-round

RAP Camp Scholarships – $7,200          
Provide program fees and any additional program costs for children from underserved communities to experience a week-long Park System summer camp

RAP/Program Fees – $3,500       
Provide program funding assistance for youth organizations from underserved communities that register for various Park System programs, such as, boat tours and farm tours

RAP Summer Camp Outings & Entertainment – $1,000          
Provide funding to hire entertainers, send kids to camps & various programs outside the Park System

RAP Coastal Activity Center/Programs – $2,500     
Provide funding to hire unique experiential and educational programs to offer the members (children) of the center. Programs include, but are not limited to, Sunday Smilers, field trip admission, magic lessons, cooking, animal therapy, and hip-hop dance     

RAP Coastal Activity Center/Special Events – $500       
Provide funding for food and entertainment for the Holiday Party and the End Of The Year party at the Coastal Activity Center. The Holiday Party has regularly had over 250 people attend. The End Of The Year Party is for families of members, and regularly has 100 people.

Therapeutic Recreation Holiday Trip & Transportation – $1,600      
Trip provides admission & bussing for approximately 25 participants and chaperones to attend Disney on Ice or a Broadway musical in November

Therapeutic Recreation Camper Scholarships – $1,000       
Funding would provide 5 individuals the opportunity to attend camp

Therapeutic Recreation Transportation to the Beach for staff & campers – $800     
Bussing for staff & campers

Therapeutic Recreation Semi Formal – $800       
Semi-formal with a DJ & caterer

Therapeutic Recreation Inclusion Coach – $500      
Provide admission fees for inclusion coaches to attend events & trips

Unanticipated Requests (Reserve) - $5,000      
Auctions are a way for the park system to obtain artifacts and antiquities. Unfortunately, their occurrence is unpredictable. This reserved fund allows us to purchase these items for the park system at auction.

Volunteers Annual Holiday Card – $2,000      
Purchase & mailing of cards to approximately 1,000 persons on the existing mailing list

Volunteers National Trails Day lunch– $500    
National Trails Day Luncheon & MCPS Volunteer Recognition Luncheon Dessert