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We have our Super 50/50 Raffle winners!!!

Congratulations to:

1st Place- Diane S. from Freehold, ticket #4615
2nd Place – Ellen C. from Middletown, ticket #0567
3rd Place – Bianca C. from Sayreville, ticket #4168

Thank you everyone who supported the Friends Super 50/50 Raffle.

Congratulations to our nightly drawing winners:

Wednesday, 6:30 – James from Freehold ticket # 6075118
Wednesday, 8:00 – Peter from Matawan, ticket # 4710730
Wednesday, 9:30 – Anne from Howell, ticket # 7997821
Thursday, 6:30 - Honie from Beachwood, ticket # 0959203
Thursday, 8:00 – Arthur from Howell, ticket # 1047191
Thursday, 9:30 – Janice from Milltown, ticket # 10210112
Friday, 6:30 – Melissa from Marlboro, ticket # 7711836
Friday, 8:00 – Ron from Jackson, ticket # 6696023
Friday, 9:30 – Donna from Belford, ticket # 1008867
Saturday, 6:30 – Brian from Hamilton, ticket # 694890
Saturday, 8:00 – Robert from Marlboro, ticket # 286856
Saturday, 9:30 – Geri from Freehold, ticket # 263789
Sunday, 3:00 – Elvis from Ft. Washington, ticket # 684832
Sunday, 5:00 – Ken from Keyport, ticket # 902659

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped us run our drawings.

Thank you to Four Boys Ice Cream for their support of the Friends 50/50 Raffles!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Friends 50/50 raffles and congratulations to our lucky winners!!

Friends' 50/50 and Super 50/50 Raffles
Monmouth County Fair
Wednesday-Sunday, July 24-28  



Friends 50/50

Proceeds go towards Park System projects, facilities, and programs.


Our Membership Drive is Underway!

Friends of the Parks brochure cover
Learn how to become part of the Friends of the Parks.

Friends of the Parks Super 50/50  

Winner with FOP 


The lucky winning numbers for the Friends of the Parks Super 50/50 were:

  • 1st Place – Kathy S., #4971 - $5,538.80
  • 2nd Place – Scott B., #4356 - $692.35
  • 3rd Place – Ann V., #6233 - $692.35

All winners have received their prizes.  Fourteen lucky winners took home a total of $5,429 combined winnings from the Friends nightly drawings. Thank you to everyone who supported the Friends of the Parks!

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Formed in 1991, the Friends of the Parks is a non-profit, 501(c)(3)Facebook Logo registered charitable organization comprised of area citizens and businesses committed to the support of the Monmouth County Park System. In this day and age, when recreation funding must be stretched to meet the needs of a burgeoning population, membership dues, donations, and proceeds from special fundraisers furnish the financial assistance necessary to achieve a number of worthwhile goals.

Friends of the Park Board 2015

What Do We Do?
Throughout beautiful Monmouth County, the Park System manages parks, golf courses, recreation areas, historic sites and stream valleys for your recreation and enjoyment. The Friends realize how important it is to protect and preserve the more than 16,000 acres of county parks and open space maintained by the Park System.   

Memorial Bench  

Kimball Bench
Honor the memory of a relative or friend or recognize a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement or other special event.  Your tax deductible donation will underwrite the cost of the bench and its installation. The Friends will install a recognition plaque on each donated bench.

Whole Foods 5% Day      

5% Day at Whole Foods
 The Friends at Whole Foods 5% Day in April

Friends Highlighted Project


Delivery of the historic World War II naval gun from the Battleship New Jersey
The Friends donated $25,0000 toward WWII Battery Lewis at Hartshorne Woods Park restoration for exhibit research and fabrication.  Learn more about this exciting project.  

RAP - Recreation Assistance Program    
In 1986, the Monmouth County Park System began the Recreation Assistance Program (RAP) to provide a variety of recreational activities for underprivileged youth in our urban communities. In recognition of this program’s importance, the Friends of the Parks, a 501(c)(3) organization, has developed an annual RAP Appeal to assist the Park System in making quality recreation available to disadvantaged youth here in our county. The Friends provide scholarships for children from Monmouth County’s urban communities to participate in week-long summer camps (including door-to-door transportation), summer concerts, boat rides, farm tours, and educational programs.

Urban Rec participants thank Friends for great time at the Monmouth County Fair.
Urban Rec participants thank Friends for great time at the Monmouth County Fair.
Thank you to the Atlantic Club for 70,000 Step donation to Friends and Therapeutic Recreation.
Thank you to the Atlantic Club for 70,000 Step donation to Friends and Therapeutic Recreation.

Learn more about RAP and how to help send a child to camp.

What Are You Waiting For?
Become a Friend today. For an application form, call the Friends of the Parks office at 732-975-9735 or download the form in pdf format.

The Friends accept American Express, Visa & MasterCard. Call the Friends office at 732-975-9735 for payment information. 

The Friends Tax ID #:  22-3163875.